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Run your PHP website from a CD/DVD or USB flash drive

LitePXP is designed to put your PHP website on a CD/DVD or USB drive for distribution. LitePXP can also be used as a portable PHP development environment. Here are some screenshots of LitePXP.
[ Screenshot 1 - LitePXP ]
LitePXP can be run directly from a CD/DVD, USB drive or hard disk without installation.
[ Screenshot 2 - LitePXP Main Window ]
In the main window of LitePXP you can click the Rebrand button to open the Rebrand window.
LitePXP Main Window
[ Screenshot 3 - LitePXP Rebrand Window ]
This window allows you to rebrand LitePXP with your product name, icon and splash screen image.
LitePXP Rebrand Window
[ Screenshot 4 - Your Rebranded LitePXP System ]
Your rebranded LitePXP system will be created in a folder named OutPXP.
Your Rebranded LitePXP System
NOTE: We highly recommend you just download a copy and try it out for yourself. If you have any questions or suggestions about LitePXP, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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