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Run your PHP website from a CD/DVD or USB flash drive

LitePXP, the simple and powerful application to run PHP pages from CD or USB Stick.
With the capability to run PHP pages from CD or USB Stick this program has no better replacement. Enhanced with exclusive capabilities this application makes a perfect choice: if you want to run PHP pages directly from CD/DVD, USB Flash Disk or Hard Disk without installation, or if you want to package your PHP website application as a standard application and give it to others, and if you want to have your PHP website on CD/DVD or USB Flash Disk for marketing and so on. This exclusive application enhances features like: it is integrated with Apache, MySQL and PHP; program is directly applicable from CD/DVD or any other media, it runs PHP pages and its window will display the respective page, and it provides options to re-brand and customize it with your product name and icon.
This useful and economical tool with many more capabilities can be distributed with your applications on CD or other media.
- LitePXP Review at Free Downloads Center, Published on 9 April 2010
LitePXP changes the way you can promote your business.
You will have noticed that on our site we talk about a new technology that we have developed for packaging Joomla and other business tools so that they will download and install themselves very quickly, mostly within seconds as opposed to maybe an hour or so.
Not only that but we use these same tools to publish special promotional microsites to CD or Flash Drive. This adds a totally new dimension to the way that we all can promote our businesses. In my case I use these tools to create special websites for managing some of our tutorials but you can use them to create a catalogue, a portfolio, a shop and a variety of other great promotional ideas.
These things would not be possible without the use of a very special piece of software called LitePXP. there is a free trial version that we recommend to you.
The full blown version really does need some technical knowledge and it allows you to do more than just create a microsite plus you are able to do some rebranding work in the process.
Take a look at the LitePXP site here and give it a try out, the free trial version is a good way to start...
- Gordon Cramer, Australia
I found LitePXP while searching the web for a portable MySQL server.
My requirement came from a client who needed to take an offline copy of the business database (VTigerCRM 5.10) away with them overseas and have access to all the information without having to link up to the database from a remote location.
I was able to copy the existing application files and database to a transportable drive and provide a means to work on a remote offline copy of the database as if the client was connected normally.
The upside of this was reinforced in New Zealand after the earthquake recently in Christchurch. The client was able to update the transportable drive on a daily basis to provide an excellent business continuity process (BCP).
As a further benefit, one of the staff members lives out of range of effective broadband internet access but requires access to the information early in the morning as well as over the weekends. LitePXP has provided a transportable database which simply plugs into the USB port and the information is available in the browser.
- Bernard G Bailey, New Zealand
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