How to move WordPress to your LitePXP
This is a tutorial on how to move WordPress website to your LitePXP. If you do not have LitePXP on your computer, click here to download LitePXP trial version, or click here to buy LitePXP full version.
Before you begin you need to get your own rebranded LitePXP
1. Click the LitePXP main window's Rebrand button to open the Rebrand window.
2. In the Rebrand window, the Port is suggested to use 59980 but not 80.
3. Click the Rebrand window's Go! button to get your rebranded LitePXP system.
4. Your LitePXP should be located in the newly created OutPXP folder.
5. Launch OutPXP\runme.exe to verify if your LitePXP works properly.
6. To use phpMyAdmin, go to in your LitePXP.
Six steps to move WordPress to your LitePXP
1. Export your WordPress database from your web server using phpMyAdmin to a SQL file.
2. Open the SQL file in a text editor, replace all with
3. Using phpMyAdmin in your LitePXP create a database named wordpress and import the SQL file.
4. Download your WordPress files from your web server to the OutPXP\www folder.
5. Change the OutPXP\www\wp-config.php setting:
    /** The name of the database for WordPress is wordpress */
    define('DB_NAME', 'wordpress');
    /** MySQL database username is root */
    define('DB_USER', 'root');
    /** MySQL database password is empty */
    define('DB_PASSWORD', '');
    /** MySQL hostname is */
    define('DB_HOST', '');
6. Go to in your LitePXP and everything should work perfect.
Three methods to distribute or sell your rebranded LitePXP
1. Burn your rebranded LitePXP with PHP websites to CD or DVD.
2. Copy your rebranded LitePXP with PHP websites to USB drive or other USB device.
3. Put your rebranded LitePXP with PHP websites in a ZIP file.