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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What language is your product written in?
LitePXP is written in Borland Delphi environment. LitePXP is a completely portable application that runs on all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 and above. Click here to download LitePXP.
Q: Does your product contain any spyware, adware, or viruses?
Softpedia guarantees that LitePXP is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.
Q: Which databases does LitePXP support?
LitePXP supports MySQL, SQLite, InnoDB and Microsoft Access by default. The default username is root and password is empty in MySQL.
Q: MySQL uses port 3306 by default. What will happen if 3306 is in use?
If 3306 is in use MySQL port will be automatically changed to 3307, if 3307 is in use MySQL port will be automatically changed to 3308, and so on.
Q: Will my rebranded software automatically start up when I insert a CD/DVD or USB drive?
Microsoft Windows does not allow you to autorun USB drives when they are inserted. So your rebranded LitePXP system can only be launched automatically from your CD/DVD.
Q: Is it possible to send email using this LitePXP without any other configuration?
The trial version does not allow you to send email. Once you purchase the full version, you will be able to send email using LitePXP without configuration.
Q: Would LitePXP support SSL certificate in case we want to run the php code in https mode?
LitePXP supports SSL certificate. You need to uncomment "#LoadModule ssl_module" in the LitePXP\bin\apache\httpd.conf file and then restart LitePXP.
Q: I am using a website of about 7mb. It's basic php with no database. Is there any way to brand the output without the db or other mysql data? Problem: Using a 50 mb card size cd. Output total is 54 mb. Solution: ?
You can straightly remove the OutPXP\data folder. You can also remove unused extensions in PHP. All PHP extensions are located under OutPXP\bin\apache\php-ext.
Q: How about adding support for CGI in the web server? I often write windows executables that function as CGI programs so this would enable me to use them with LitePXP.
LitePXP now allows you to use your CGI executables. You have to put your CGI executables into the LitePXP\www\cgi-bin folder, then visit
Q: MySQL functions cannot be used with 5.3.x on Windows Vista or above when using "localhost" (e.g. mysql_connect doesn't work with "localhost").
It is not a PHP bug. Please use "" instead of "localhost". For more information, click here.
Q: "http://localhost" is not working but "" works on Windows Vista or above.
Please use "" instead of "http://localhost". "" is a special IP address that refers to the local computer. The reason you should use it instead of "localhost" is that "localhost" may also resolve to "::1" (the IPv6 equivalent of "").
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